TCM 2024 Season Schedule

 Click here for PDF version – Lax Master Schedule 2024

2024 Exhibition Games:

You must be registered to play prior to stepping on the field.

You will play on the same team you were on in the 2023 season – if you are unable to attend you must let your team leader know.

Any player not on a team in 2023 will be placed on a team and both the player and all Team Leaders will be informed.

March 3
6:00 Black v Grey
7:00 Blue v Orange
8:00 Green v Red
9:00 Gold v White

March 10 – Turf #1                           March 10 – Turf #2

8:00 Orange v Red                            8:00 Gold v Green
9:00 Grey v Blue                               9:00 White v Black

March 17
6:00 White v Green
7:00 Red v Grey
8:00 Gold v Blue
9:00 Orange v Black