Draft Policy

  1. Each player must declare one position in advance, and the player must expect to play that position (goalies, defense, runners) (but be flexible if there are too many in a position at team leaders’ discretion).
  2. Executive vets the list in advance of the draft to determine: Is a player draftable? Is the position realistic? The final decision will be communicated and confirmed by the executive to the player in advance of the draft. If we are short goalies or poles, we may need to ask a player to re-designate in advance. No changes on draft night.
  3. No limit on number of people in a declared position.
  4. Each team needs 1 goalie, and 6 poles.
  5. Must draft a goalie by 8th round.
  6. As long as enough declared goalies or big sticks would remain in the pool for any teams that haven’t yet got a player in that position, another team can draft surplus players in a position. A team can have more than 1 goalie and more than 6 poles.
  7. Draft order: At 7 pm on draft night the team leaders will draw numbers for draft order, and if a leader is late the Commissioner will draw for that leader. The number a leader gets is his draft position beginning with 1-6, then back to 7-12 (i.e the sixth pick picks twice in a row). Draft begins 7:15 and if late, the Commissioner will make the pick based on the previous year’s order.
  8. Scouting notes sharing encouraged.


  1. If a player withdraws before the smoker he will be given a refund less the BCLA $20 card fee as exhibition games have occurred.
  2. If a player withdraws after the smoker but within first two weeks of season, then the registration fee minus the cost of smoker tickets may be returned with the approval of the executive.
  3. After that time, there will be no refunds.
  4. Exceptions may be made at the discretion of the club, but normally injury will NOT be considered an acceptable reason for a refund.
  5. Should a player wish for a refund to be considered by the executive, notwithstanding the club’s policy, he must put his concerns in writing, describing why his case deserves additional consideration.

Draft and spares:

After the pre-season and before the smoker, the draft will occur. Only team leaders and two executive members will be present and the draft results will be private. They will be revealed at the Smoker and at about 10 pm on our smoker night at our website. You will play with your drafted team the next night.

IMPORTANT: Not everyone will be drafted. We usually have more people wanting to play than available spaces. Players returning from a one year absence are guaranteed the right to return. Everyone else is entered into the draft and it is up to the team leaders to decide if you play. If you have not been drafted, I will be in contact with you to let you know. Your payment will be returned to you less the BCLA $20 Card fee as exhibition games have occurred and $50 if you wish to be added to the Spares list. If you wish to attend the smoker, you will be able to buy a ticket for $75.00

Anyone not drafted will be able to play as a spare. Spares will be used to fill absences and, where long term injuries occur, a team may end up putting a person on the roster for the remainder of the year.