Unsportsmanlike Penalties
Any player getting a 2nd unsportsmanlike conduct penalty in a game will be removed from that game and given an automatic one game suspension to be served the next game.

Unsportsmanlike penalties will be cumulative.
On the third occurrence of an unsportsmanlike penalty (not withstanding getting two in one game), a player will be automatically suspended for the next game. Every unsportsmanlike penalty after the third penalty will include a further automatic game suspension. These penalties are cumulative throughout your time with Tri City Masters. They are not reset and do not go away from year to year, they continue on forever. There is no difference between regular season and playoff games, so any suspensions occurred will affect playoff games.


  • Player gets 2 unsportsmanlike penalties in a game: removed from that game and is suspended for next game.
  • Player gets his 3rd unsportsmanlike penalty: he is suspended for the next game
  • Player gets his 4th unsportsmanlike penalty: he is suspended for the next game.


If a player receives unsportsmanlike penalties on a regular basis the Executive reserves the right to remove him from our club or not have him register the next playing year.

Abuse of officials
Any abuse (verbal, physical or otherwise) of officials, Executive or other players by a Tri City player (on the sidelines or on the field) will get an automatic one game suspension and his case will be further reviewed by the Executive.

While suspended
Any player on suspension will be banned from taking part in any Tri City activity for the length of that suspension. If a player does take part, their suspension will be extended accordingly. In other words if you are suspended we do not want you to come to the field and enjoy the game and sidelines, STAY HOME and let the rest of us enjoy our Sunday nights without you.

No alcohol before games. Players under influence will NOT be allowed to play. If this is discovered after the fact, that player will be given an automatic one game suspension.