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Salmonbellies Alumni and Friends Scholarship/Bursary Page

Conditions and Criteria

  1. Up to five, ($500.00 maximum) scholarship/bursaries (S/B) will be awarded each year.

    New Westminster Junior and Senior box lacrosse players as well as New Westminster field lacrosse players are eligible. At the discretion of the committee, the $2500 in S/B funds may be awarded to more than five individuals.
  2. Awards will be made based on the candidate’s achievement or contribution in the following areas:
    1. Academic achievement (minimum ‘C’ (60%) average)
    2. Community service
    3. Team commitment, leadership, character
    4. Financial need
    5. Family contribution to the Salmonbellies organization.
  3. The S/B’s will be awarded to individuals who will be enrolling in a post secondary institution or students currently attending a post secondary institution with plans to continue.
  4. Award recipients must attend a post secondary institution in the school year following the awarding of the S/B to be eligible to receive funds. The amount of the award shall not exceed the cost of the tuition for that school year.
  5. All S/B’s may not necessarily be awarded in any fiscal period.
  6. Individuals may be awarded this S/B to a maximum of $1000.00.
  7. Players are eligible in their second and subsequent years of competition on a New Westminster lacrosse team as described above.
  8. All S/B’s are to be administered by the “Salmonbellies Alumni and Friends Scholarship/Bursary Committee”.
  9. Successful applicants will receive their funds upon proof of registration at a post secondary institution.
  10. Complete, updated applications must be submitted each year. Information is not carried forward from previous applications.
  11. Applications must be received on/or before June 30 by the Salmonbellies Alumni Secretary.


  • Application information and application form - click here

Commissioner - Dave Bensmiller
Registrar-Treasurer - Deb Heard
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